since 1.2
action-pack Selenese
action-list.json entries "assertAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
"verifyAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
"waitForAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
"assertNotAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
"verifyNotAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
"waitForNotAllWindowTitles" : "actions.verify.VerifyWindow"
author JOSF-core team
status active

To validate if the title of the window, located in the <title> element of the HTML page is equal (or not in the case of -Not- actions) to the expected data.


For example the Google search page has Google as its title.

Google's window title

In this example, we'll use the verify action, but using the assert or waitFor actions, the result is the same.

Action name Object Data Result
verifyAllWindowTitles Google Results to PASS
verifyAllWindowTitles GogLe Results to FAIL
verifyNotAllWindowTitles GogLe Results to PASS
verifyNotAllWindowTitles Google Results to FAIL