since 1.0
action-pack Selenese
action-list.json entry "authenticateAlert" : "actions.execute.AlertHandle"
author JOSF-core team
status deprecated since version 1.3


This function always has been in beta, and never fully implemented in the WebDriver standard. Since the use of Selenium 3.11.0, this action is no longer supported.

Work around

When visiting a website that has an authentication pop-up, use the username and password in the baseUrl like this:

Most of the modern browsers support this type of HTTP authentication.

Documentation for version below 1.3

If a JavaScript authentication alert (or pop-up) is present, the username and password are used to enter the credentials.

JavaScript authentication popup


Action name Object Data Result
authenticateAlert username|password The pipe-symbol | is used to separate username and password.

Any spaces around the pipe-symbol will be part of either the username or password, e.g. "admin | Passw0rd!" will result in a username: "admin " and password: " Passw0rd!"