Release notes

Here you can find the release notes.


  • new function; Data tables as step arguments for gherkin features. Your step definitions can now contain six different types of data tables. (check out our tutorial).
  • new function; Iterate over data table rows with the new data table repeater.
  • new function; drap-and-drop. Why wasn't it already here... anyway, you can now change the order of groups and test steps by dragging them around!
  • new function; duplicating test steps. That's handy!
  • new function; groups for step definitions.


  • new group type: Conditional; Use this group to execute some steps in specific conditions!
  • new function; JOSF Settings. You can now edit:
  • the JOSF api url;
  • the default browser;
  • the default base url;
  • bugfix; in some cases, debugging your tests, didn't went as smooth as we meant;
  • pausing while in descriptive groups, exited the test run
  • when pausing and stopping a test executing, the next run continues from that point.
  • When JOSF is unable to startup, you will be notified of the reason, e.g. the current port is already in use.
  • Also, when upgrading JOSF, instead of performing any manual actions, the installation script will do that for you!


JOSF 2.1 comes packaged with lots of new stuff. On top of that, we've smashed some nasty bugs!

  • new action; newWindow: opens new tabs within the current browser session
  • new action; setPartialTextBuffer: it's possible to set a part of a text into a buffer.
  • new function; groups! You can group a set of test steps, to keep your test cases neat and tidy.
  • bugfix; using buffers in test objects wasn't working. Now it does.


JOSF 2.0 is a completely new JOSF Application, which features;

  • New ways creating your test cases!
  • Advanced debugging, while developing your test case!
  • A new lightweight front-end Angular App as the default interface

We've replaced the Drupal front-end with an Angular app, which allowed us to deliver a light-weight JOSF experience! Our main priority remains; Test automation for everyone! That's why we've been working hard on giving you the tools to create test cases, quickly!

New debugging tools will give you the power to quickly find and automate those difficult web elements. Also, the light weight interface will allow you to navigate fluently through JOSF!

There is more to look forward! The following features will be included in future releases of JOSF.

  • Writing gherkin Features (you know, just like Cucumber and SpecFlow!)
  • Making use of the powerful Page Object Modal Design Pattern for your test cases.
  • Chaining different types of tests and executing them using the new Play book feature.

Note that test cases created in versions before JOSF 2.0 are not yet transferrable to the latest version of JOSF. If you need to update and migrate your current test set, please let us know by contacting us!


  • Added the highlight action. Useful for debugging!
  • Added the verifyWindowTitles action
  • Bugfix; when an empty test is run, JOSF no longer produces an error message!
  • Bugfix; when the JOSF API is unresponsive, a useful error message is shown
  • Some under the hood changes to make our work as JOSF developers more easy!


  • Bumped version of Selenium Server from 3.4.0 to 3.11.0
  • Selenium IDE new import method for SIDE files (check out our tutorial).
  • Tweaked on actions
  • select
  • sendKeys
  • Deprecated: authenticateAlert
  • The use of dynamic dates and timestamps as test data (check out our tutorial)


This release pack a couple of extra actions and we've fixed some bugs!


  • windowResize, windowMaximize
  • dragdrop, dragdropAndWait, dragAndDrop, dragAndDropAndWait, dragAndDropToObject, dragAndDropToObjectAndWait
  • createCookie
  • uncheck, uncheckAndWait
  • refresh, refreshAndWait

Bug fixes

  • open action updated: listens to data in the test object & test data fields, simply because Selenium IDE places the data in the object field.
  • When importing invalid Selenium IDE scripts, error handling is improved by telling the erroneous line number

Other things we did

  • Replaced the former name (testautomaat) with JOSF in most of the interfaces.


This release comes with a couple of extra features:

  • You can now add your own test action classes to your running JOSF instance. Want to make your own actions? Contact us!
  • Multiple buffers (variables) per test data row is now supported
  • Buffers in test objects are now supported


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