since 1.0
action-pack Selenese
action-list.json entries "createCookie" : "actions.manage.Cookies",
"createCookieAndWait" : "actions.manage.Cookies"
author JOSF-core team
status active

To create a new cookie, place a name-value pair in the object field, like; name=value.

To enable more options for the cookie, add these in the data field. Currently supported options include 'path', 'max_age', 'domain', 'path' and 'isSecure'.

The options format is "path=/path/, max_age=60,, isSecure=true". The order of options are irrelevant, the unit of the value of 'max_age' is second and the unit of the value of isSecure is a boolean. Note that specifying a domain that isn't a subset of the current domain will usually fail. Create a new cookie whose path and domain are same with those of current page under test, unless you specified a path for this cookie explicitly.


In this example, we are assuming that the base URL is

Action name Object Data Result
createCookie CNAME=MyData Stores a new cookie named CNAME with a value of MyData.
createCookie CNAME=MyData max_age=90 Also adds an expiry date of 90 seconds
createCookie CNAME=MyData max_age=90, isSecure=true Marks the Secure boolean to true
createCookie CNAME=MyData max_age=90, isSecure=true, Explicitly sets the domain on