since 1.0
action-pack Selenese
action-list.json entry "keypress" : "actions.execute.KeyPress"
author JOSF-core team
status active

The keypress action presses keys that are not very usual, like a TAB or ENTER key. A list of all possible keys is found here. The key will be executed against the given object. Multiple keypresses can be separated by spaces.


In this example, we are assuming that the base URL is

Google search page

Action name Object Data Result
type id=lst-ib This is some text To type some text in the search field.
keypress id=lst-ib ENTER Executes an Enter key press on the search field, wich results in submitting an enter
keypress id=lst-ib TAB TAB TAB ENTER Performs a TAB keypress three times in a row on the same element and finally presses ENTER on the element.

Configurable item

Between each keypress, JOSF waits for it to complete for a fixed amount of time. By default, this is 1 second (or 1000 milliseconds), but can be changed by editing the pauseBetweenKeys option in the config.json file. If this is not present, it can be added by;

"pauseBetweenKeys" : 2500

Note that the value is set in milliseconds, so 2500 translates to 2,5 seconds.