since 1.0
action-pack Selenese
action-list.json entry "set" : "actions.execute.Buffer"
author JOSF-core team
status active

The set action is a special action that makes the use of variables (or buffers) easy. It can be used for storing static text or text from any element for later use.

Setting variables

The set keyword is mainly used to subtract data from elements and places them into a given variable name. These variable names get set by the value you pass in the test data field.

Using variables

Given the variable name MyData, using variables can be used in the test data field like this: ${MyData}. Of course this can be used in a sentence like;

I'm writing ${MyData} in here

Also, the use of multiple variables is supported, given that the username and my site variable are set with data;

Hello ${username}, welcome to ${my site}

Note that variable names can have spaces, to make them more readable.


In this example, we are assuming that the base URL is

Google Search page

Action name Object Data Result
set name=btnI lucky button Sets the text "I'm Feeling Lucky" to the variable named lucky button.
type id=lst-ib ${lucky button} Types the text "I'm Feeling Lucky" in the search bar.